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Friday December 31, 2010 10:40 pm

Mia Wasikowska Ranks High on Forbes’ Highest-Grosser List

Mia Wasikowska

Kids are All Right star Mia Wasikowska did more than all right in 2010.

Thanks to her breakout role in Alice in Wonderland, the actress with the hard-to-spell last name managed to land on one of Forbes’ year-end lists.

Mia tied with Johnny Depp for second place on the magazine’s "Hollywood's Highest-Grossing Actors" chart. Both Alice actors saw their respective film(s) ring up approximately $1.03 billion in total.

Leonardo DiCaprio – with help from Shutter Island and Inception – placed first with $1.1 billion.

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The only other girl to make this year’s list was Twilight’s Kristen Stewart ($698 million). Meanwhile, Jaden Smith – 2010's youngest entrant – helped bring in $359 million.

Forbes "looked at the earnings for the top films of the year and credited each star the entire box office." Animated films were not considered in the rankings.

The entire Top Ten list is as follows:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio - $1.1 billion
  2. Mia Wasikowska - $1.03 billion
  3. Johnny Depp - $1.03 billion
  4. Robert Downey Jr. -  $807 million
  5. Daniel Radcliffe - $780 million
  6. Robert Pattinson - $749 million
  7. Kristen Stewart - $698 million
  8. Sam Worthington - $494 million
  9. Jaden Smith - $359 million
  10. Jackie Chan - $359 million



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