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Tuesday April 17, 2007 1:29 am

Live Free or Die Hard:  Which Date Is It??

Bruce Willis In my household, my husband is the one who’s known for remembering dates.  He’s so good at it—it can actually be annoying at times.  But attention to detail is where I have the upper hand.  This leads me to my discovery this weekend.

While watching Grindhouse, I got my first chance to see the full trailer for the upcoming Bruce Willis sequel, Live Free or Die Hard.  Aside from being completely disappointed with what I saw (something that will probably be discussed in a later post), I had a gut feeling that something was off.  It was only when we finished the movie did I figure out what it was.

The trailer for the film gave a release date of July 4th....but the poster outside the theater said June 29.  Okay, I’ve had my share of ditzy moments—but I knew I wasn’t crazy.  So as soon as I got home I took the matter straight to the internet.  And guess what I found??  The movie’s own website has a third date (June 27)!!!!

After reading around, it seems the movie was pushed up from 7/4 to 6/27 in order to avoid competition from that other holiday release, Transformers.  That move does make sense to me (even if the action in the movie is set over the July 4th weekend).  But why, oh why, then does the film’s poster clearly have 6/29 all over it???

To prove my point—you can witness the evidence yourself.  Just click on the link below.  You will see that the TEASER trailer has 7/4 imbedded in it….the THEATRICAL trailer says 6/27…but the POSTER (on the side) has 6/29 on the lower right-hand corner.

Wow.  It’s not like the film doesn’t appear to have enough problems going for it…

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