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Wednesday August 5, 2009 3:31 am

Jennifer Aniston to Become a Country Singer

Jennifer Aniston is getting her pipes warmed up to start performing in the Goree Girls, a female country music group. She’s not switching career paths - she’s working on her next film role.

Aniston will star in The Goree Girls, a movie about the band which maintained a popular radio show in the 1940s. The Goree All Girl String Band was somewhat different from other musical acts, and not just because they were an all-female country-singing group. They were also convicted felons, serving time in Texas for various crimes including robbery and murder.

I’m already interested in the movie even without Aniston, but now I’m sure it’s going to be a hit.

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Forum Discussion

Jenifer is my favorite star. I love every episode of Friend. I still want her to start acting in friends with all her old mates.

Yeah, Friends is really good series! Love Aniston much and waiting for her acting in more movies.

Hey what a wonderful Forum man!! I also want Janifer to act in Friends again....And about your post it is really awesome and i think it is not very Gossiping kind of post it is more of a news kind of post still this is new to me and i love Janifer so that is why i am commenting on this post....actually i am Sara i am a student and recently completed my [url=http://www.cissplearn.com]CISSP training[/url] it was awesome man and i wanna be like Janifer so cool so talented...and also so good looking...i am a big fan of her hair style..!!!

She is whith out a doubt at smooking lady.. And what a body, i read somewhere that she is working out at night ? It seemsn to work for her :-P

[size=3]Here's a correction on the article "Jennifer Aniston Dated a Mormon". Andru says that the Mormon religion encourages men to have more thatn one wife. Wow, Andru, you are out of the loop! Polygamy in the Mormon religion ended in 1890. Don't confuse polygamists with Mormons--members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If a member of the Mormon church practices polygamy today they are excommunitcated from the church...and so, they are no longer Mormons. [/size][color=green][/color]

What is so special about Jenifer?? :question:

i dont know what so special about her, but everytime i watched her, it seems like i saw an angel. wew she so beautiful for me. like an apple of my eyes.

i knew it... its jenny but nevertheless her angelic face seem to compensate the flaws

Janifer aniston is very talented and hot actress.She is very beautiful.I have watched her first time in the friends episode.

Does anyone else think it's sad that Vince Vaughn, the guy Jennifer Aniston is dating, doesn't want to have kids right now? He's kind of a party animal. I feel sorry for Jennifer.

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