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Wednesday June 25, 2008 2:09 pm

Jason Bateman Says Juno Not to Blame for Teen Pregnancies


It was inevitable. Once word got out about the 17 pregnant teens at Gloucester High School, we knew the blame would start flying. We also knew the entertainment industry would eventually be named one of the responsible parties.

Somewhere out there, there are people who seriously believe that Jamie Lynn Spears has glamorized teenage pregnancies. These same people are probably not taking these two very important factors into consideration:

  1. I’m sure Jamie-Lynn didn’t want to be a 17-year-old mother.
  2. The Zoey 101 star can probably afford to raise a child, unlike a lot of teenage mothers out there. Therefore, giving her baby up for adoption might not have been a necessary option.

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Access Hollywood

Fortunately for Spears, she hasn’t been receiving all of the public scrutiny. Some of that glare is being directed toward the Oscar-nominated . And while - in this instance - the movie’s character did come from a supporting family, those who have not watched the film probably don’t realize she chose to give up the baby for adoption. She wasn’t excited by the thought of having a baby shower or being a new mom like her friends; she did what was in the child’s best interest.

Tired of all the talk about the ‘Juno Effect’, actor spoke to Access Hollywood this week about the controversy. “Unfortunately, we’ve had these instances where guys kill people because of what they hear in rock ‘n roll lyrics or some garbage like that. Look, if you’re going to blame a movie or song for your actions, whether they be good or bad, I think you’re looking at the wrong things to influence your life.”

Bateman then said that it was not the industry’s job to raise our children. “What we’re doing is providing entertainment in different flavors for your consumption. I think people should look to other areas of their life for lessons and guidance, mainly parents, or teachers, or friends, or whomever. That should probably be where you should point your eyes and ears.”

Well put, Jason. Well put.



I havent seen this movie yet, but I have seen the previews and to me it seemed that maybe there were a couple funny parts in it but in over all I dont know if I am gonna like this or not. And they need to quit blaming the movies for problems of todays world, I grew up on horror movies from as young as I can remember and I am not an axe murderer so that just proves that movies are not the blame for everything.

I watched Juno and it is an amazing and such a creative and hilarious movie. I never thought it would even influence teen pregnancies, but I hope not! I think the movie doesn’t really send out that message at all, like “Hey, go get pregnant NOW!” As for what to blame with teen pregnancies, it really depends on so, so, so many factors such as family and lifestyle. Heck, one can take an entire college class on what causes teen pregnancies. As for blaming it, well, there will always be that thin line between “thinking about it” and “acting about it.” Sure, I can think about killing people, but would I act on it?


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