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Tuesday August 18, 2009 10:35 am

Jacob Black the Star of New Moon Trailer

Based on the latest box office results, you were probably one of the many who didn’t watch Bandslam this weekend. That means you most likely missed out on the latest New Moon trailer.

Although we’ve already heard Bella tell Jacob Black that he’s “sorta beautiful,” we haven’t seen his bedroom skills until now. Did you know he could just leap in and out of your window? Pretty amazing considering he’s 30 pounds bigger!

New Moon is a lot more complicated than Twilight was,” narrates. “As time goes on, the heat starts building. New Moon is gonna be stepped up a whole other notch. There’s more action in this one, especially with the werewolves involved. I think the fans are really going to be happy.”

The saga continues on November 20.

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