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Monday February 11, 2008 5:57 pm

Is Paris Hilton Getting Cold?

Paris HiltonWhen went to jail, it become the only media story in the entire world. For a while there, the heiress couldn’t make a single move without finding flashbulbs in her face. But Miss Hilton loves the attention, and she often makes herself available for photo-ops. Maybe…too much?

Hilton’s latest film project, , actually opened this weekend. I know with all the news of the writers strike and the rumors of a second Hannah Montana movie it’s hard to keep up with Hilton’s every move, but the flick came to theaters Feb. 8. Don’t worry - a lot of other people didn’t notice, either. The film, to date, has grossed a disappointing $27,696, which probably doesn’t even put a dent in Hilton’s movie salary.

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The Numbers

The flick is about hottie Cristabelle (Hilton) and her best friend June, the nottie (). Lakin looks ridiculous with nasty foot fungus and hopeless teeth, more like a caricature than a character. Entertainment Weekly gave the film a D+, while Rolling Stone called its half-star rating “generous.” Even with such poor reviews, the filmmakers were no doubt hoping the sheer charisma of Hilton’s name would drive up ticket sales. But guess what? Even when Hilton’s in the lead, you can’t foist off total crap on the public (despite the success of Matthew McConaughey flick Fool’s Gold).

Meanwhile, filming has wrapped on another Hilton project. Don’t forget that the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera is still going to come to theaters - potentially April 25 (the current release date). The official site for the movie, however, says they are still trying to earn financing and interest for the flick.

After Hilton’s huge box office bomb, don’t expect to use her for any PR ploys. Could - gasp! - Paris Hilton be losing her mind-numbing popularity with the public? Is the hottie getting…a little cold?


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