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Monday December 10, 2007 5:14 pm

‘I Am Legend’: I Am Unimpressed

I Am LegendThe thin plot. The ridiculously unbelievable scenario. The misconceptions of biological warfare. If has a single saving grace, it must be mega-movie star . Everything this man gets involved in turns to gold, and that’s the only reason I Am Legend will survive at the .

Okay, here’s the plot.  Scientists create a virus, and this germ accidentally kills every single living human on Earth. Not the animals, mind you – just the humans. All but for Robert Neville, a military virologist played by Smith who has managed to survive. How? Well, that’s not really important to the movie-makers. By the way, there are some human-like creatures who have had odd effects from the infection and turn zombie-like. Zombies. That’s right, everybody, billion-dollar movie star Will Smith is starring in what is essentially a zombie flick.

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Smith’s character searches vainly for survivors, clatters around his former townhouse, and tries to trap these zombies to find some sort of cure for their ailment. The virus which wiped out humanity left the animals unscathed, vehicles still work, electricity still magically happens. It’s all going to be incredibly difficult for movie audiences to swallow, but isn’t about a frightening reality. It’s about special effects. Isn’t everything, these days?

The ending will be the hardest thing for fans to swallow…and that’s saying a lot.


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