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Tuesday March 8, 2011 12:34 am

GI Joe Cast Cut to Three for Sequel

GI Joe sequel cast

Plans for the sequel to GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra are underway, and at least one cast member isn’t too happy about it. Rachel Nichols, who played Scarlett in the first film, just broke the news via Twitter: only three cast members from the first flick are returning.

She isn’t one of them (sorry, Rachel Nichols fans). Channing Tatum will reprise his role as Duke, Ray Park will come back as Snake Eyes and Lee Byung-hun is set to play Storm Shadow.

If Nichols is correct, Jon Chu is directing a sequel that will leave Scarlett, Ripcord (Marlon Wayans), Sergeant Stone (Brendan Fraser), General Hawk (Dennis Quaid) and Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) completely out of the franchise.

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