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Friday May 11, 2007 4:08 pm

Georgia to Rule Box Office?

Lindsay Lohan When the credits carry Jane Fonda’s name, the movie is bound to be a success, right? Hollywood royalty, Fonda always brings a certain something to any flick. Pair her on screen with vivacious Lindsay Lohan, and it’s hard to go wrong. That’s why the expectations for Georgia Rule are so very high. Normally, a movie about three generations of women would be labeled a “chick flick” and be filled with touchy-feely-fuzzy moments. The reviews are in, and fans are wondering what to expect from Georgia Rule.

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Jane Fonda plays Georgia, a tough-talking grandma with a whole host of rules that can’t be broken. Felicity Huffman is Lilly, Georgia’s daughter, and Lohan landed the role as granddaughter/daughter Rachel. The movie is set in an Idaho town, and at first glance seems like one that will be full of cliches. But, Georgia Rule isn’t just another chick flick. The ugliness of life isn’t left out, but the harsh realities are at least softened with some true comedic moments. Directed by Garry Marshall (of Pretty Woman and Laverne and Shirley fame), the ugly crime of abuse becomes the underscore of the movie, while the characters themselves are each plagued with their own hang-ups and tragic stories. Dermot Mulroney plays the small-town vet with his own sad tale, while Huffman shines onscreen as an uptight mother who can’t get always along with her own.

But, it’s Lindsay Lohan’s performance that will have audiences glued to the screen. Lohan beautifully plays a reckless, needy woman who knows how to use the role of femme fatale to her advantage. Only Jane Fonda can steal some of the limelight from Lohan as the rule-oriented matriarch who has a light, funny side to her. How does the movie put together the deep, intense themes of personal drama, sexual awakening, and mother-daughter relationships? The humor and drama combine well onscreen, and the movie itself is saved by the performance of many fine movie stars, but the deep themes Georgia Rule evokes is often overshadowed by the lighthearted, comedic feel. Just another chick flick? Hardly – but an intense look at the human psyche it is not.



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