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Friday January 8, 2010 3:34 pm

First Look: The A-Team Trailer

“There is no Plan B.” Well, that’s a shame…because I don’t think this crew brought their A-game to this trailer.

Although I had high hopes for the big screen version of , this clip’s left me underwhelmed. Here are a few of my snap judgments:

  1. Giving yourself a mohawk doesn’t necessarily make you B.A. Baracus…..or a good actor.
  2. Putting four guys together doesn’t automatically mean good chemistry.
  3. Scenes involving gunfire from a floating tank are bound to look cheesy.
  4. looks good in and out of a suit.

Were you more impressed with the trailer than I was? Then be sure to set aside June 11 on your calendar.

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I’ll admit that I was skeptical about this, but I have to say that this trailer is just awful compared to the film. It’s no Oscar-winner, but it was definitely a better time than this trailer makes it to be. D:


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