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Friday May 8, 2009 3:53 pm

Don’t Worry: Demons Practically Has Papal Sanction

Angels & Demons

Writers for the Vatican’s newspapers have reviewed …and (perhaps surprisingly) they aren’t denouncing the flick.

The Church has deemed that Angels & Demons isn’t a threat, concluding that the movie is “harmless” even if inaccurate.

The movie celebrated its world premiere this week in Rome, and though it was pretty soundly thrashed in the Vatican paper is isn’t being called heretical. The critique finds fault in the movie’s “stereotyped characters” and “commercial” nature, but it praises ’s direction. Since filming around the Vatican was stymied, many of the movie’s sets are created.

The movie, starring , focus on the mysteries of the Illuminati and involves many action-packed sequences. The film’s predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, was very poorly received by the Catholic Church.

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[quote author="illwon"]Angels & Demons anyone? [img]http://www.readersread.com/excerpts/angels_demons.gif[/img][/quote] i bought this book today. keep reminding me to read it. please. :)

the Pope is pretty much top dog. its amazing that he's been able to go on this long. they usually say advanced parkinsons hits at 15yrs, and he's had it for 19. if that's not tough, i dont know what is. i have respect for him that he doesn't want hospitalization or life support, he just wants nature and God's will to take its course. He will be missed. I just wonder what the future holds.

It is very sad indeed. The way it works is that 15-20 days after the death of the pope, more than 100 cardinals are called for a meeting at the sisteen chappel to elect. So far there isn't anyone that stands out, but as Reuters put it. Our current pope was an outsider as well. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully our next pope will be just as good as this one. It will be very big shoes to fill though.

[quote author="gunsnbam"]Hm...I'm Christan ...but I feel sorry for the Catholics... :( ...If its true then who will take over?[/quote] didn't we have a thread on this? Catholics are christians too!

[quote author="w00t.w00t"]I'll be pope.[/quote] You're Jewish!!

I'll be pope.

[quote author="gunsnbam"]Hm...I'm Christan ...but I feel sorry for the Catholics... :( ...If its true then who will take over?[/quote] I'm Catholic, but I'm not very up with the religious politics. As far as I know, the Cardinals have to decide, but I don't know who the best candidate is so far Aside from the Pope in such terrible conditions, it would be very exciting to see a new papalcy within my lifetime :) At least, in this day and age for me :P

Hm...I'm Christan ...but I feel sorry for the Catholics... :( ...If its true then who will take over?

I heard about all of this really late last night and felt pretty bad. I thought he was going to pass away about a month ago with that surgery he had. He's a real trooper 8)

angels and demons was a much better book... but since you read davinci code first you may feel that davinci was better.. i read a&d first btw it's sad to hear that the pope is this sick, unfortunately i dont think he has much time left.. i remember seeing him when he had a mass at central park... he had the pope mobile going, it was sweet

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