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Sunday September 7, 2008 2:33 pm

Court Date Set for Watchmen Lawsuit

Court sets date for Watchmen trialWhile most Watchmen fans only had the film’s release countdown to consider, a new development in the Watchmen copyright lawsuit has added a new date to watch out for: January 6.

U.S. District Court Judge Gary Allen Feess assigned the date for the case, which is set to decide whether or not Fox does hold the rights to the Watchmen movie. Between the January 6 court date and the film’s scheduled March 6 release, let’s hope that things go in the fans’ favor and they settle this between that time.

If the case goes according to Fox, fans of the highly-anticipated Zack Snyder film will never see that March 6 release happen, which could very well happen come January.

The dispute goes back to 1991, when Fox “quitclaimed” its right to Alan Moore‘s acclaimed graphic novel to Largo Entertainment, with an agreement that the production company was to release the movie under the big studio (if not, Largo Entertainment was to buy the rights through an agreed buyout formula from Fox).

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Warner Bros. claims that they gained the rights to the film in 2006 when Larry Gordon, a Largo Entertainment producer involved in the 1991 agreement with Fox, negotiated a quitclaim contract with them for the film.

I suppose we will now have to wait until the new year before anything is decided—and here I originally thought that waiting for March 6 was torturous enough!



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