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Saturday May 1, 2010 12:23 am

Cinema Scene: Kim Cattrall Gains Weight, 50 Cent Loses Tattoos

Kim Cattrall in Meet Monica Velour-Kim Cattrall said she had to gain 15 pounds to play a washed-up prostitute in Meet Monica Velour. Great - now 115 pounds is the new “washed-up” point.

-Speaking of Cattrall, advance tickets to Sex and the City 2 have already been selling like hotcakes. That movie doesn’t even open until May 27!

-Afraid True Blood‘s June 13th return won’t have enough “action” for you? Then maybe you should be checking out Tru: A XXX Parody. (The hilarious clip’s got language, no nudity.)

-Lindsay Lohan was cut from The Other Side because financiers didn’t deem her to be “bankable.” But did they take into account how cheap she probably is?

-50 Cent is working hard to get less noticed. The rapper/actor has started removing his tattoos to help his growing film career. What? Men don’t like makeup?



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