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Monday January 31, 2011 9:16 pm

Box Office Breakdown: The Rite Exorcises a Win

The Rite

may not currently be up for an Oscar, but it does have an Oscar winner – and a box office win.

Anthony Hopkins’ first wide release since The Wolfman cut from its top spot this past weekend. The film, which debuted during (another) East Coast weather event, managed to shovel up $14.8 million in ticket sales.

, featuring action star Jason Statham, also found a place in the Top Ten. The film – a remake of a Charles Bronson movie – opened in third place with $11.4 million.

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  1. The Rite, Warner Bros., $14,789,393 (avg. $4955)
  2. No Strings Attached, Paramount, $13,410,229 (avg. $4438)
  3. The Mechanic, CBS Films, $11,422,006 (avg. $4226)
  4. The Green Hornet, Sony, $11,184,361 (avg. $3174)
  5. The King's Speech, Weinstein Co., $11,064,781 (avg. $4327)
  6. True Grit, Paramount, $7,518,265 (avg. $2410)
  7. The Dilemma, Universal, $5,665,730 (avg. $1953)
  8. Black Swan, Fox Searchlight, $5,118,269 (avg. $2211)
  9. The Fighter, Paramount, $3,960,280 (avg. $2069)
  10. Yogi Bear, Warner Bros., $3,167,440 (avg. $1485)

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