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Sunday October 21, 2012 5:50 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Paranormal Activity 4 Claims the Top Spot

Paranormal Activity 4

Horror films, to no one's suprise, continue to take in the most at the box office as we approach Halloween - the latest Paranormal Activity film is no exception.

Paranormal Activity 4 debuted at the top with a modest $30.2 million, which is still quite a profit for its $5 million budget, but nowhere near as impressive as its predecessors. Ben Affleck's sophomore film Argo held steady at number two this weekend with $16.6 million while Hotel Transylvania was bumped up a spot to number three with $13.5 million. Taken 2 took the biggest blow, dropping three spots to number four with $13.4 million. Alex Cross debuted at number five with $11.7 million.

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1. Paranormal Activity 4, Paramount, $30,200,000 (avg. $8,851)
2. Argo, Warner Bros., $16,625,000 (avg. $5,120)
3. Hotel Transylvania, Sony, $13,500,000 (avg. $4,479)
4. Taken 2, Fox, $13,400,000 (avg. $3,841)
5. Alex Cross, Summit, $11,750,000 (avg. $4,628)
6. Sinister, Summit, $9,030,000 (avg. $3,552)
7. Here Comes the Boom, Sony, $8,500,000 (avg. $2,820)
8. Pitch Perfect, Universal, $7,009,000 (avg. $2,635)
9. Frankenweenie, Disney, $4,434,000 (avg. $1,877)
10. Looper, TriStar, $4,200,000 (avg. $1,889)



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