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Monday July 9, 2007 11:28 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Optimus Is In His Prime


We knew that a Michael Bay/ Steven Spielberg venture would be a hit—so what really is there left to say?  Well, did you know that this is Bay’s biggest opening since 2001’s awful Pearl Harbor ($59.1 million)??  Did you know that Shia LeBeouf is the first leading man (he just turned 21, so is a leading man) to have two movies reach the top spot this year?

Moving on…how about that awful showing for License to Wed?  Not that I predicted much for the film—but ouch.  Question is:  which Office actor fared worse in this summer’s box office?  Steve Carell who starred in an obscenely expensive Evan Almighty—a movie that at least managed #1 berth?  Or John Krasinski whose movie clearly looked like a bomb from the get-go but came with low expectations?  That may be something for Dwight Schrute to sort out…

1. Transformers, Paramount, $70,502,384
2. Ratatouille, Disney, $29,014,293
3. Live Free or Die Hard, Fox, $17,730,149
4. License to Wed, Warner Bros., $10,422,258
5. Evan Almighty, Universal, $8,719,135
6. 1408, MGM, $7,088,979
7. Knocked Up, Universal, $5,222,680
8. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Fox, $4,239,993
9. Sicko, Lionsgate, $3,600,179
10. Ocean’s Thirteen, Warner Bros., $3,525,366



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