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Monday October 18, 2010 9:19 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Jackass Kicks Competition’s Ass

Although the next Saw film isn’t due until October 29, many theatergoers saw pain inflicted in 3D this past weekend.

The premiere of Jackass 3D, a film based on the former MTV series, has already broken franchise and box office records since debuting three days ago. The documentary, which was produced for $19 million, earned a shocking $50.3 million -- approximately $21 million more than 2006’s Jackass: Number Two (and $28 million more than 2002’s Jackass: The Movie).

Paramount’s entry also bested previous October openers. Up until recently, Scary Movie 3’s $48.1 million from 2003 had been the figure to beat.

Meanwhile, Red generated what could have been first-place sized numbers on any other weekend. The action film starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren rang up $21.8 million -- enough for second place.

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  1. Jackass 3D, Paramount, $50,353,641 (avg. $16,343)
  2. Red, Summit Entertainment, $21,761,408 (avg. $6686)
  3. The Social Network, Sony, $10,317,395 (avg. $3597)
  4. Secretariat, Disney, $9,318,886 (avg. $3033)
  5. Life as We Know It, Warner Bros., $8,955,409 (avg. $2843)
  6. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Warner Bros., $4,228,236 (avg. $1690)
  7. The Town, Warner Bros., $3,977,006 (avg. $1679)
  8. My Soul to Take, Universal, $3,170,310 (avg. $1254)
  9. Easy A, Sony Screen Gems, $2,633,456 (avg. $1138)
  10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, 20th Century Fox, $2,363,166 (avg. $1156)



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