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Tuesday March 5, 2013 3:01 am

Box Office Breakdown: ‘Jack’ Slays ‘Identity Thief’

Jack the Giant Slayer

Nicholas Hoult is not faring too well as a box office star.

Though Jack and the Giant Slayer took number one at the box office, the Bryan Singer-directed thriller only raked in $27.2 million - a sad fraction of its $195 million budget. Last week's number one film, Identity Thief, managed to only dip down to number two with $9.7 million while 21 and Over debuted at number three with $8.7 million. Summit's Snitch dropped two spots to number four with $7.8 million while horror film The Last Exorcism Part II debuted at number 5 with $7.7 million.

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1. Jack the Giant Slayer, Warner Bros., $27,202,226 (avg. $7,717)
2. Identity Thief, Universal, $9,706,145 (avg. $3,005)
3. 21 and Over, Relativity, $8,754,168 (avg. $3,159)
4. Snitch, Summit, $7,768,391 (avg. $3,094)
5. The Last Exorcism Part II, CBS, $7,728,354 (avg. $2,862)
6. Escape From Planet Earth, The Weinstein Co., $6,619,827 (avg. $2,129)
7. Safe Haven, Relativity, $6,278,530 (avg. $2,128)
8. Silver Linings Playbook, The Weinstein Co., $5,723,010 (avg. $3,117)
9. A Good Day to Die Hard, Fox, $4,572,486 (avg. $1,766)
10. Dark Skies, The Weinstein Co./Dimension, $3,468,553 (avg. $1,500)



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