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Wednesday February 27, 2008 3:22 pm

Apatow Scores With Sarah Marshall

Jonah Hill and Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

has brought hope to the comedy genre yet again. The Freaks and Geeks creator has teamed up with past co-worker, (SLC Punk, How I Met Your Mother) to bring movie-goers his upcoming eccentric, new generation romantic comedy: .

Written by Segel and helmed by first-time director Nicholas Stoller, the film follows music composer Peter Bretter (Segel), who was dating TV star Sarah Marshall () for five years until she breaks up with him for British rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). At the suggestion of his step-brother (Bill Hader), Bretter escapes to Hawaii in hopes of recovering, only to discover that Marshall came to the same resort with her new boy toy. He then is able to avoid committing suicide thanks to hotel receptionist Rachael (Mila Kunis).  The laughs continue throughout with appearances by the regular Apatow bunch: Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, and more.

The film carries, of course, Apatow’s grandma-friendly trademarks (i.e. male nudity) and plenty of laughs; the jokes don’t get old and the material is hilarious. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is definitely going to make your sides hurt when you walk out of the theater.

The movie is due in theaters nationwide this April.



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