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Tuesday July 1, 2008 1:17 pm

300 Sequel Planned

300 posterDeath, schmeath. If a sequel needs to be made, Hollywood is willing to overlook a few technicalities.

Although most of the characters in the epic were killed off, Legendary Pictures is going on with plans to produce a follow-up. How could that possibly happen? Good question. But that’s Frank Miller’s job to figure out. Miller, who wrote the original graphic novel the first movie was adapted from, could elect to craft a prequel to the 2007 smash.

Assuming he is pleased with the final concept, Zack Snyder does intend to helm the second installment. In the meantime, he still has to wrap production on . No target date for the next 300 saga has yet been announced.

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I know what you mean Veronica, a sequel does sound kind of weird considering how 300 ended, but maybe it could be like, a prequel? Where it goes back in time? However, it is the directors choice and well, I guess we’ll just have to see when it will go into production. 300 was a very entertaining movie though and I hope they bring back Gerald Butler. 😉


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