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2007 Holiday Movie Guide

FilmCrunch logoThe music, the décor, the treats…the weather. The holidays are drawing near, and that can only mean one thing: lots of sappy heart-wrenchers are going to start appearing in our movie theaters. Even the films couched as comedies are sure to evoke a deeper meaning, all in an effort to open our holiday hearts.

Whether you want tears, laughter, or good old-fashioned family entertainment, this year Hollywood is running the gamut on movies designed to tempt you away from the malls and into the theaters. But will you actually see any of them?  Get the scoop on all the upcoming movies being released this holiday season.

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

I saw the trailer and immediately dismissed this movie out of hand. Never mind that it has and Natalie Portman (a big star cast if ever there was one); this is a movie about a magic toy shop. HUH? Who actually got Hoffman and Portman to agree to this? Designed especially for kids and family, is about an inventor (Hoffman) and his manager’s (Portman) attempts to keep the shop open, despite intervention from an accountant ().

This one’s for the little tykes, people. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium comes to theaters November 16.

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Disney has been promoting this one as hard as they can, and for good reason. The animation-mixed-with-real-life setup is generally an unsuccessful one, and Enchanted seems to be no exception (judging from the over-the-top trailers). In Enchanted, a princess () finds that her Prince Charming is a modern-day man living in New York. Get this, he’s also a divorce lawyer. The role is played by

The movie opens November 21. Please, try to wait at least that long before you go running to the theaters to see this.

Christmas in Wonderland

Scheduled for a release date of November 21, boasts a big cast that includes (he’s still around?), , Chris Kattan and .

Your basic holiday family comedy, Christmas in Wonderland is about a dad and his two kids attempting a cross-country trip on Christmas Eve. That’s likely. The movie begins when the family finds themselves running into trouble at the mall. How very American. Just another cookie-cutter family flick for you during the holiday season.

This Christmas

Another holiday family flick boasting a large cast, features a family getting together in the name of the season for the first time in 4 years. There’s lots of comedy, tongue-in-cheek jokes, and enough racy material to make this one enjoyable for adults, too. and are among the cast.

This Christmas opens in theaters November 21.

Grace is Gone

This serious drama comes to the theaters December 7 and shows leading star in a role unfamiliar to fans. In this tear-jerker, Cusack must try to find a way to tell his young daughter that her mother (his wife) has been killed in Iraq. Heady subject matter for the holiday season, and quite different from the lighthearted comedies that will have moviegoers packing in to enjoy laughs. If you’d rather cry instead, is the movie for you.

The Kite Runner

Filled with a bunch of stars I’ve never before heard of, this DreamWorks drama is about family and friendship. Sure to take viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride, could surprise a few people with its results. I smell a holiday sleeper. There’s nothing like feeling bad when most other movies are trying to make you feel good.

The Kite Runner hits theaters December 14.

The Perfect Holiday

This romantic comedy has one thing all the other holiday comedies do not: Queen Latifah. SOLD! and are also among the cast. Union plays a divorced mother who will no doubt find love, romance, and the answer to all her troubles by the time the movie is over. It’s just what moviegoing audiences want to see, and once again it’s got the Queen of comedy.

comes to theaters December 12.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Want ribald comedy that has nothing whatsoever to do with the season? Then you’ll want to check out . This one comes to theaters December 21 and stars the hilarious John C. Reilly as, of course, Dewey Cox. and also have roles in the comedy about the fictional rock legend.

This already looks fabulous, and it isn’t even in keeping with the season. Thank goodness.



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