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Wednesday April 30, 2008 2:56 pm

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher’s Secret Star Wars Tryst

Star Wars, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford

We all know Han Solo and Princess Leia had great chemistry on-screen—but who knew the two characters were just as hot off-screen?  While she didn’t elaborate on all the details, actress Carrie Fisher recently admitted to having a romantic encounter of some sort with former co-star Harrison Ford. 

During a British TV interview, Fisher said she went into the original installment with a plan in mind.  “I went on the film saying ‘I’m going to have an affair’, like it was a kiwi, an exotic fruit — because I’d never had one!”

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Luckily for her, she was able to nab one of the movie’s hunkiest men to accomplish that goal with.  “I had a crush on Harrison for sure. Harrison is great fun when he’s had a few drinks.”

Carrie - not one who’s typically known for being shy - then went on divulge her juiciest bit of all:

“I’m going to get in so much trouble.  Once I left the room and came back and he was in the closet not wearing a lot of clothes.”

Well, I guess that’s why us women always loved to begin with.  He’s definitely a man who knows how to take action.



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