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Thursday November 29, 2007 5:16 pm

Catholic League Seeks Boycott of ‘Golden Compass’

The Golden CompassHollywood are as ubiquitous to the city as would-be starlets – they’re everywhere, and they’re constantly being forced upon us moviegoers. One of the latest adaptations to make it to theaters is , based on the novel Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman. It’s set for release Dec. 7, but already there are several groups feeling upset with the movie’s mere existence. Fans of the book are unhappy with the changes, but “unhappy” doesn’t begin to describe what the Catholic Church seems to be feeling.

Starring Nicole Kidman among others, The Golden Compass doesn’t have a lot to do with religion. And many think that’s very, very bad.  The Catholic League, an U.S. organization, is urging Christians not to see the movie, and has said that Pullman is “a noted English atheist.” They’re calling the movie an attempt to “bash Christianity and promote atheism. To kids.”  In the book, the Church plays a central role, part of a weird group that’s determined to discover the nature of sin by experimenting on children. In the movie, however, the Church isn’t referenced…at all. Kidman, who is Catholic, won’t even be part of any film that’s anti-religious.

Reviews of the movie have already been released, many singing Nicole’s praises, but fans of the book are disappointed in the differences.  Don’t worry.  - a very diluted version of Northern Lights - won’t step on any toes.

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This movies look pretty interesting, I’ll check it out tomorrow 😊



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