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Wednesday September 10, 2008 10:49 am

Casting Corner: Denzel Washington, Jessica Alba, Will Smith and More

Denzel WashingtonJessica Alba

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

Denzel Washington: The American Gangster will soon be making a post-apocalyptic trip for the Hughes Brothers. In the Book of Eli, Washington will play a lone warrior in America’s wasteland who tries to bring society the knowledge it needs for its own redemption. Filming on the futuristic drama begins in January.

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Jessica Alba: The new mother will be returning to work next month in an adaptation of a Aimee Bender novel. In An Invisible Sign of My Own, Alba will play a young math whiz who retreats into a world of numbers. She is later helped out of her shell through her job as a second-grade math teacher. Alba and math? Yes, you heard me right. By the way - did I tell you this movie was being described as a “modern day fable”?

Will Smith: Hancock may soon be quitting his job as a reluctant superhero to take on a different, yet still impressive, title. The action star is considering a role in The Last Pharaoh, a movie being written by Braveheart‘s Randall Wallace. Smith is eyeing the role of Taharqa, an Egyptian pharaoh who battles Assyrian invaders in 677 B.C.

Ashley Judd: The Bug actress and screen legend Julie Andrews have both just been added to The Tooth Fairy. In the Fox comedy, Dwayne Johnson plays an aggressive hockey player (Derek Thompson) whose actions force him to be temporarily reassigned. (Cue the tutus!) Ashley will star as Derek’s girlfriend while Andrews will oversee Thompson’s transition into the tooth fairy-ing business.

Michael Caine: The Dark Knight actor will go from his role as a dutiful servant to becoming a gun-toting man out for revenge. The Oscar-winner is next slated to star in Harry Brown, a modern-day vigilante movie. Caine will play an ex-serviceman who takes over the crime-filled streets after his best friend is murdered. (How very Batman of him.) Filming is set to begin in November.



Seriously, Johnson MUST have a great agent—he got him a movie with Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews? WTF? XD


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