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Monday February 4, 2008 7:57 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Hannah Montana Humiliates Her Elders

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

It’s now time for the entertainment industry to take notice:  a 15-year-old girl has officially become the hottest thing thing around.  already had a hit TV series () and a sold-out concert tour, but now she has a record-breaking movie as well.

The limited run of her 3-D film, , made waves on what is usually considered a slow weekend for movies.  (Audiences are usually plopped in front of the TV watching the .)  The pic earned over $31 million, surpassing the total set by 1998’s during the same football weekend.  (That weeper grossed $25.2 million.)  Miley also rocked a stellar $45,560 per screen average.  In comparison, this week’s #2 (), earned $40,000 less per theater.  Fortunately, those unable to snag a Montana ticket now have their chance.  The wildly successful film has been extended indefinitely.

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In other news, made another surprising drop down the ladder.  After it’s first place berth two weeks ago, the film has plummeted a total of eight spots.  (Reminder:  this movie has already been given the greenlight for a sequel.)  Thankfully, was around to help divert some of the embarrassing attention.  That heavily-promoted stinker debuted in a laughable 11th place.

1. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, Disney, $31,117,834 (avg. $45,561)
2. The Eye, Lionsgate, $12,425,776 (avg. $5110)
3. 27 Dresses, 20th Century Fox, $8,529,845 (avg. $2866)
4. Meet the Spartans, 20th Century Fox, $7,336,595 (avg. $2779)
5. Rambo, Lionsgate, $7,120,649 (avg. $2576)
6. Juno, Fox Searchlight, $7,014,579 (avg. $2834)
7. The Bucket List, Warner Bros., $6,725,460 (avg. $2307)
8. Untraceable, Sony, $5,076,537 (avg. $2144)
9. Cloverfield, Paramount, $4,842,031 (avg. $1610)
10. There Will Be Blood, Paramount Vantage, $4,654,162 (avg. $3088)

(You can review last week’s numbers here.)



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