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Wednesday July 11, 2007 5:23 pm

FilmCrunch 060: Reign Over Me Theatrical Review

Neil Estep and Veronica Santiago review the theatrical release of Reign Over Me in this FilmCrunch movie review:

Former college roomates Charlie Fineman and Alan Johnson meet up again by chance on a Manhattan street corner. Five years after losing his family on 9/11, Charlie—once a successful dentist—has retreated from his life, and Alan is stunned to see the changes in his formerly gregarious friend. At the same time, Alan—who should be enjoying his beautiful wife, children and career—is overwhelmed by his responsibilities. Their rekindled relationship becomes a lifeline for the two men, who are both in need of a trusted friend at this pivotal moment in their lives.

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Forum Discussion

usually i dont prefer drama kind of movies..but i liked this movie..adam @ his best

I feel this your post is quite well so I am to try to similar do my blog

The movie's focus is everywhere, I think mainly because Charlie's salvation story is not very interesting enough for a full-length feature. We have all lost loved ones. Some might have perished in tragic accidents. Charlie's reaction is neither common nor realistic.

I have the collection of this movie and this was the good movie to watch.

Its really great movie and a must watch

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