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Essential Mind Camp Info!

Looking for the quick info on Seattle Mind Camp, and what exactly it is? We’ve collected the most important information right here for you:

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Rise and shine, boys and girls!  It’s just about that time.  Time to grab your gear, set the coordinates on your GPS navigation system, and head on over the the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center for Seattle Mind Camp 2.0.  W00t!

I imagine that the wiki will be updated more frequently than the blog, so check in there for updates over the next day or so.  See y’ll at camp…


box.netOnce again, the guys over at Box.net have set up a File Feed for us to take advantage of. Basically, this allows everyone to upload anything to a common location. This allows for a few things:

1) Everyone has one location to upload things they think are interesting - pictures taken, podcasts recorded, documents created, whatever. I just ask that we don’t upload video.

2) Anyone can subscribe to the File Feed by RSS by using this URL:


3) Anyone can download whatever is uploaded, even if they aren’t at Mind Camp 2.0. A great way to share with those that couldn’t make it! Here is the URL to view and download items:


If you want to log in to upload items, hit up www.box.net, and use the following details:

username: mindcamp2
password: mind

We whole-heartedly recommend taking advantage of the File Feed. Blog about it, and let others know it’s there. Upload to your hearts content.

Oh, and if you want your own free Box.net account, get one here:


See you all soon!

We were pleased to learn that Marc Baldwin will be dropping by SMC2 on Sunday morning to hold a Q & A session.  Marc is the Executive Policy Advisor for Governor Christine Gregoire.  He is the Governor’s lead policy advisor on economic development, science and techology issues.

Judging from the list of session ideas, this is going to be an amazing weekend! With so many good sessions running concurrently, it’s inevitable that we’re going to miss some of the action. However, good notes can help!

I set up a spot in the wiki to index notes from Mind Camp 2.0: MC2 Session Notes. I’d like to encourage everyone to create pages and add notes to any of the sessions they attend.

Also, for all you Mac users out there, give SubEthaEdit a try. The current version is a 30-day trial, but the previous version is still free. SubEthaEdit allows live collaborative note taking in the same document. I’ve seen how great collaborative notes can be, and it’d be great to see some of that for the Mind Camp Sessions! Ted Leung has written a bit about the experience on his blog: SubEthaEdit at PyCon.

Happy note-taking!

There’s a lot of activity going on on the Session Ideas wiki page, and I thought I’d highlight one or two sessions-in-planning over the next couple of days.  First up, Bryan Zug and Scott Berkun’s Good Thing Rapid Discovery Slam.  Here’s the description from Bryan’s blog:

Bring something short and interesting to read or show — something that has inspired you (or been caused as a result of you being inspired). Can be original or someone else’s work. Bring stuff from every genre — the blogosphere, novels, poetry, tech, business, software/product design, whatever. Watch and listen to things that are inspiring and provoking minds from your tribe.

Each contributor will have 2 minutes at the helm. Bring various things to share in case there’s time to do multiple rounds.

We will have a projector and audio hookups for multimedia. You need to bring the hardware for playing and any non-standard connectors. Count on standard monitor connectors and RCA for video in, as well as stereo 1/8 inch audio or RCA jacks for audio. We will also have an iPod AV cable with RCA video and audio connections.

There’s more background at Bryan’s blog, and activity on the wiki page, so check ‘em out.  What are you planning for Mind Camp 2.0?

Internet Explorer 7

Aww yeah - Coming in during the clutch is the Internet Explorer 7 team. A big thank you to these guys for becoming a Premium Sponsor of Seattle Mind Camp 2.0. Oh, and check be sure to check out the latest IE 7 update:

Beta 2 - Get it now: http://www.microsoft.com/ie

The Lightning Talks session will be a full session comprised of five minute talks. It’ll be a whirlwind tour of ideas.

Show something interesting you’ve done lately, talk about your favorite new discovery, beg for help with a difficult problem, proclaim a call to action, tell us about a successful project or about a failed project, pull out that sweet hack you did, make someone else do a talk. We want to hear it all.

We’ll have a sign-up sheet posted. I can’t wait!

A more detailed description of Lightning talks can be found here.