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Monday April 17, 2006 2:00 pm

Ode to the link

Posted by Stuart Maxwell Categories: Upcoming,

Ah, the hyperlink.  Such a simple concept, yet so powerful.  The mighty link conveys authority, and It weaves together thought.  It can connect people, ideas, and concepts.  It might have the character of a nod between strangers on a busy sidewalk, of a sidelong glance, or of a longing gaze.

Have I been spending too much time indoors?

Well, that’s as may be.  There’s just been so much too see online.  We’ve had more Mind Camp mentions from Strangle (what a handle), Ken (again), Andru (our fearless leader), Al (you’re no nerd), Zhonka Broadband (bringing a posse), and Emma Rose (we’re psyched to see you, too!).  Ario‘s been showing us the love and reminding us of the basics (you don’t need to sleep over—good point, Ario).

And a special shout goes out to Andrew at heyblog.  Andrew is moving to Seattle and jumping right in to the scene by coming to Mind Camp.  Welcome to town, Andrew!

Of course, Mind Campers are not just linked through miles of fiber optic and the TCP/IP stack.  We’re also linked in spirit to other geek events around the world.  Tara Hunt, of Riya and HorsePigCow, who brought her bad self to SMC1, notes the trend and suggests adding a geekevent tag to any unconference or camp-related posts.  I definitely plan to adopt that procedure, and I hope you will, too.

(By the way, if you’re at all into the latest thangs in marketing, Tara’s blog has been en fuego lately.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the feed.)

Finally, speaking of other geek events, I also heard from Greg Bennick, who’s helping to put on an interesting event at the Henry Art Museum (or, the “Hank,” as I like to call it).  On April 27th, tech expert Dr. Marcel O’Gorman will give a talk entitled ““From Techno to Necro: Technology, Death, and the Human Condition.”  It’s only five bucks, and sounds like it might be an interesting prelude to SMC2, so you might want to check it out.  According to the press release, Dr. O’Groman often gives speeches while running on a treadmill.  Now there’s a guy who knows how to multi-task!

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