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Saturday April 15, 2006 8:23 pm


Posted by Stuart Maxwell Categories: Upcoming,

In reading over the feedback from SMC1, some of the things that jump out at me as areas of improvement for the organizers have to do with communication:  Letting people know what to expect ahead of time, promoting the available resources, and so on.

This is the age of social web software, and we’re bleeding-edge geeks, so help me out, here:  What tools could we be using to better communicate and coordinate?  Here’s what we’re using so far:

The “front page” of SMC is the blog (all jimmied up with the RSS, natch), and we’re using a wiki to coordinate and plan both logistics and sessions.  We’ve also got a mailing list for attendees, though that’s been kind of quiet lately.  If you’re a past or future attendee, you should already be on the mailing list, so feel free to fire up the discussion on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Either ask for or offer help, advice, or collaboration, so that you can show up on the 29th ready to rock and/or roll.

The planning committee has used Writely, JotSpotLive, Skype, Gmail, Gchat, and iChat to communicate.  We’ll have an IRC backchannel for the event.  I just created a public Google Calendar (subscribe via XML and iCal).

And, of course we recommend tagging photos, blog posts, and so on with mindcamp2.0, so that they’ll be easily found.  (Tara Hunt suggests adding a “geekevent” tag, too, so we can track the growth of all these unconference gatherings.)

So what are we missing?  What whiz-bang web technology could we use that we’re not using yet?  And what can we communicate about that will make your Mind Camp experience better?

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If you know anyone at the Seattle startup http://www.blue.us... they have a pretty sweet “social bookmarking” product (think del.icio.us, but on steroids).  I’ve been using it for a while… and it works really well.
I’ve got a couple invites if you want to try it out… just shoot me an email.

If you use a backchannel, would you please set it up in advance, with a way to confirm that any recommended software is up and working.  I have never managed to get into a backchannel yet, and fussing about it during the event is a complete waste of time.

[Something to add to the Uplifter / Confirmable Experience topic too.]

Exactly the point of my comment. 

I have never successfully accessed freenode. 

Now, how about a link to a “HowTo” that others have tried and that beginners can handle?


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