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Monday February 13, 2006 9:11 am

Woot! Selling $50 250 GB Hard Drives Today

Woot Hard Drive

Just a quick heads up for those of you who appreciate a good deal. Today’s Woot! is a 250 GB Western Digital Caviar drive, selling for just $50 USD. Not too shabby, if we may say so ourselves. I almost bought one, when I realized that it wasn’t a SATA drive, and that it only has a 2 MB cache. Oh, and it’s refurbished. Still, $50 for 250 GB of storage is a rarity.

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I wanted to get a couple last time they were on but was short on cash. Still short on cash, lol, but I picked up a couple anyway. They will make great backup drives and media storage wink. Great price for “throw away” drives with plenty of space.

sold out

They were on woot before, these are refurbed. They retail for $20 more. Not a good deal.

I’d rather take the caviar on the spoon. At least it wont lose its value in a month or two. And the silver might actually go up in value, unlike the POS IDE drive. Now, if it were a SCSI drive…hehe…yeah, right.

cheap drives are perfect for media backups and a pretty cheap 500GB raid (with the two I got). I’ve had brand new drive fail in the past so “refurb” doesn’t scare me much. I just plan to have them as redundant backups and less important media storage. though a 500 music server is also an option lol.

Yashar, where do they retail for $75 shipped? These were $105 shipped for 500GB. pretty decent dollar to GB rate and they do come with a 6 month warranty as well.

benplaut, this is the 3 time they have offered them so there may be more in the future. LOL, who knows, maybe these most recent are the refurbed refurbs that past wooters sent back hehehe.

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