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Monday September 26, 2005 6:52 pm

Sony Ericsson Walkman W800i First Impressions

Posted by Rob Stevens Categories: Smartphones, Product Reviews

Sony Ericsson W800iWe got a new toy in the mail today, which will be reviewed in full soon enough here on Gear Live. First impressions are incredibly positive. The packaging is quite impressive, and there is what feels like a ton of stuff packed into the attractive “bubble”. The headset cord comes in two pieces, with the microphone portion containing a standard 3.5mm headphone jack so that you can use any cans you want. The installed headphones are a variation on their popular in-ear headphones (of which I already own a pair), and the sound quality is excellent. Read on for more thoughts.

The phone has what SonyEricsson calls “Dual Faces”, meaning that from the back, the phone looks like a digital camera. Pictures taken with the digital camera portion of the phone are very good quality (2.0 megapixel), and there is even a LED light used for assisting the auto-focus (yeah, it’s got auto-focus!) and as a somewhat mediocre flash.

The phone comes with a 512MB Memory Stick Duo, the same kind used in the Sony PSP and some of Sony’s smaller digital cameras. It’s difficult to remove the memory card, but once you do, you can use it in any of those devices, and it’s that aspect of the phone (it’s usefulness with other Sony products) that I’m going to explore for GearLive. Being able to take photos with the phone and then share those photos with friends on the PSP is an interesting idea.

The phone has some pretty cool animated themes that are eye-catching, and you can use either MIDI (also known as polyphonic) ringtones, or MP3 files. MP3 files on the memory card are seen in the ringtone browser, and sound great through the built-in speaker on the phone, as well as through the headphones. The 512MB card is a bit small, but was enough to hold a few of my favorite albums. The phone can take up to a 2GB card, though it’s a very expensive upgrade.

So far, I’ve only found one real downside, and that’s the retail price. $500 is a lot to choke down; the phone is intended to be sold without a contract in retail electronics stores. You get a lot in the package for the money, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow. Perhaps if some of the cellular carriers start offering the phone, it’ll be possible to get a decent subsidy on the price.

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Forum Discussion

Looks pretty tight. Can't wait till the full review...

Review will be up later today!

And there it is...enjoy guys :) Walkman W800i Review

you planning on reviewing the k750? i wanted to get that.

Phones and MP3 players never seem to go well together. Sure, it's handy to have the headphones in and listening to music and then get a call and talk hands free....but MP3 phones never seem to hold that much music. Most of the people I know have near or over 1000 songs. I personally only have between 350 - 400, but that's still too many to fit on any of these phones.

who said you need to put all your music on it..

Well I know that you don't have to put all your music on it, but I already know how hard it can be to just select a small portion of your music library to put on a portable device. I have an MP3 by SanDisk that is 512MB and therefore can't hold all my music. I'm constantly erasing all the music on it and changing it up. It's hard picking and choosing sometimes....not like any type of life and death choice...but still hard. I'm all saying is that it's much more convenient to just be able put all your music on a device.

i personally just like mp3's as ringtones

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what do you do with all the gear that you personally don't wan't to keep, and that you don't have to send back to the manufacturer? do you sell the stuff on ebay or what?

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