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Friday July 15, 2005 2:12 pm


SeV T-Shirt Review

We have generally really liked the products that SCOTTeVEST thinks up and puts out there for geek consumption. It’s great to have a simple, easy way to carry all of your gear without having to carry bags or clip-ons. Recently, they released their simplest item yet - The SCOTTeVEST TEC T-Shirt. Instead of having a multitude of hidden pockets like most of the rest of their line, the SeV T-Shirt has just one pocket. It is meant to provide a means to carry around one item while lounging around or being casual. Check out our impressions after the jump.


One thing I will say right off the bat, this review is not going to be that long, as there really isn’t much to this piece. It’s a thick cotton T-Shirt, so you know it isn’t made of the cheap stuff. It has the SeV logo on it, and a pocket on the left breast area. The T-Shirt is only available in Ash Gray in Medium-XXL sizes. So the main draw here is that there is a pocket that features the patented SCOTTeVEST Personal Area Network (PAN). This basically means you can tunnel your wires through the inside of the clothing, so that externally nothing gets tangled and you look squeaky-clean.


Okay, so how does it stack up? Here’s the thing. Most of the SCOTTeVEST products serve the purpose of keeping you warm, somewhat stylish, and allowing you to siphon your wires through the PAN. With a T-Shirt, you only get one pocket, so you are really only going to be putting a cell phone or digital audio player in there. So the question is, how well does the shirt function with a cell phone or MP3 player in the pocket, and with earbuds coming through the PAN? Well, it’s a mixed bag.

If you are using an iPod mini, or a 20 GB iPod, you are good to go. The player sits comfortable in the pocket, and doesn’t pull down on your neck. The PAN works as expected, allowing you to hid those wires. The same goes for a standard-sized cell phone. Where my problem lied was with the bigger players. When I put my 60 GB iPod photo in there, it definitely felt hefty, and the neck pull was there. It wasn’t something I would want to carry around in that shirt while going for a walk or anything. The same went for my Audiovox XV6600 Windows Mobile PDA Phone. So for the bleeding-edge techie, if you have the latest and greatest, it may not be wise to put it in the SCOTTeVEST T-Shirt.


SeV T-Shirt Review Score I am going to say that this T-Shirt is definitely cool, and a bargain at it’s current price of $20 USD. There are plenty of other T-Shirts out there that aren’t as functional, but cost just as much. That being said, just know that you don’t want to put anything too heavy in there. It isn’t a SCOTTeVEST jacket, which has extra support. It looks cool, and is great if you want to go out on a warm day and not have to hold your DAP or cellie.

Product Information

Name: SeV TEC T-Shirt
Price: $20 USD Sale, $30 USD Full

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