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Monday August 1, 2005 2:37 pm

SCOTTeVEST Hidden Cargo Shorts Review

SCOTTeVEST TEC Cargo Shorts Review

The folks over at SCOTTeVEST have come up with yet another piece of clothing aimed at making the tech life just a little bit easier to live. The TEC Hidden Cargo Shorts are perfect for the summer, but how well do they carry your gadgets? Find out in our review, after the jump.

A few weeks ago, we took a look at the SCOTTeVEST TEC T-Shirt. When you combine it with the Hidden Cargo Shorts, the ensemble looks great. Let me just say this up front - the shorts must be the best designed pair I have had the pleasure to wear. I love the fact thatSCOTTeVEST doesn’t skimp on materials either. Everything they sell is made of high quality materials and never feels cheap. The pockets are deep and spacious, which allows you to throw your cell phone, digital audio player, or even a small pair ofbinoculars. In fact, the shorts have more pocket room than anyone would probably ever need. The great thing about these, and all other SCOTTeVEST products, is that the pockets are kept secure with low power magnets. They are strong enough to keep your pockets firmly closed, but too weak to damage any of your electronic devices.

The Hidden Cargo Pants also have the patented SCOTTeVEST Personal Area Network (PAN) fully integrated. The PAN is a unique way of wiring your tech so that all the wires are simply out of the way. The wires go through the inner lining of the shorts rather than the outside, freeing you of the tangled mess you are used to. I put a cell phone in the pant pocket, and plugged in a hands free set. I then brought the wire up through the PAN in theTEC T-Shirt, and out at the collar. I was then able to simple put it in my ear. No need to take the phone out and fumble around to getting everything set up right. The PAN might seem gimmicky at first, but give it a try and you will find that it is just brilliant.

SCOTTeVEST Hidden Cargo Shorts Review ScoreIf you are looking for a pair of shorts for the summer, the Hidden Cargo Pants are it. I personally believe that every man should own at least one pair of these shorts. They are stylish, and allow you to carry your things in your pockets without sacrificing comfort. The shorts have 11 hidden pockets and compartments, and actually look a lot more like regular shorts than cargo shorts. The fit is also customizable, as they feature a hidden drawstring as well. The last piece of the puzzle is the Teflon coating, making the shorts water and stain resistant. All around, it’s a great design.

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