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Thursday September 8, 2005 6:45 pm

Opening Up The iPod nano

iPod nano Box

The power that Apple commands over the Internet astounds me. Why else would I have ended up walking out of the Apple Store with a 4 GB iPod nano in tow? Anyway, this thing is nice and thin. I mean, look at its profile compared to that of a 60 GB standard iPod:

iPod nano Side Compare

Continue reading, as we have even more images of Apple’s new iPod below.

iPod nano with Accessories
The iPod nano ships with USB cable, earbuds, and a plastic dock accessory.

iPod nano Box Open
Not much to it. The iPod nano box opened.

iPod nano next to iPod color
iPod nano next to iPod color

iPod nano with iPod color
iPod nano on top of iPod color

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