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Thursday April 14, 2005 11:52 am

MTV = Microsoft TV: Xbox 2/360 Debuts May 12

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Video Games

Xbox on MTV MTV and Microsoft have teamed up for a cross promotion that will result in the Xbox 360 being unveiled worldwide on MTV on May 12 and May 13. The system won’t be shown at E3 until May 16, which is the same day that Sony will show the Playstation 3 for the first time. Elijah Woods of The Lord of the Rings fame is a huge Xbox fan and will host the MTV shows debuting the Xbox 360. Reports are that the unit may be white or silver. Whatever the case, this is a great marketing move on behalf of Microsoft, as I’m sure with MTV’s history, viewers will repeatedly be beaten over the head with info about how great the Xbox 360 is. When you think about it, this is huge for Microsoft. E3 information is pretty much relegated to Internet junkies and readers of gaming magazines. An MTV debut gives Microsoft an amazing mass-market showing to its most targeted audience.

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