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Tuesday September 13, 2005 4:06 am

Meet Chris Cardinal, Gear Live’s Newest Editor

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Chris Cardinal on Gear LiveHey there. My name is Chris Cardinal and I’ll be bringing you hilarious, tech-centric diatribes that use far-too-large words that I sometimes use to make me feel better about myself. In all seriousness, I had a five month stint at Gizmodo and met Andru at E3 this year, where he was none-too-impressed by the sheer coolness the Gizmodo crew brought with them. And our reprehensible egos. Regardless, I dig all things tech - so much so that I own and manage a web apps development company (shameless plug) and occasionally listen to MP3s on my computer. (Which, I’m aware, does little to prove the previous statement.) I hope you’ll find my crazy style of writing something this side of adorable instead of blatantly obnoxious, but beggars can’t be choosers. (By the way, in the pic you see, I’m the one on the left.)

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I’m a mod on GearLive.  Check out the forums (my world).  We should for sure get a big GearLive crew at next years E3…

Hey man! I met you there as well.. If you remember…  I looked like I needed a haircut really bad…  Welcome aboard.

Jesse, let’s be honest: We were lucky if the others in the Media Room had showered that week, let alone gotten haircuts.

Yeah, I remember you. You guys sat next to me a bunch of times. I think you had a crush on me, but were just too nervous to say anything. Or you wanted on Gizmodo more. I couldn’t tell which, but it’s very flattering. grin

Welcome, ChrisGearLive :D

I look forward to more articles to liven up my day wink

/me also appreciates Gizmodo’s port to linux raspberry


Welcome to the new world order smile. What is this “gizmodo” you speak of? I have no need to venture away from GL and I like this rock I live under wink. heheh.

It will be nice to have another smartass in the ranks though. So hope you enjoy your stay!

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