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Monday September 26, 2005 9:40 pm

iPod + iTrip + Sony Ericsson W800i = Makeshift ROKR

w800 ROKRWe just discovered a neat little hack for the Sony Ericsson W800i. I’ve found that having an FM radio built-in to your phone can be fun. Hell, other than trying to take out the Memory Stick, there’s little about the Walkman that isn’t fun. Still, I was having a bit of ROKR envy when I realized that the answer is there, plain as day. I proceeded to tune the radio in the phone to my iTrip (the FM transmitter for the iPod) station, and bingo - all 20GB of my iPod tracks were ready to be played on the W800i. I must have sat there slackjawed for a minute or two as I marvelled at the little surprise. Sure, it’s a hack, and not the same as the real thing, but the phone does cut off the radio when a call comes in. It won’t pause the song, obviously, but otherwise, the functionality is just about the same. The quality is also not as good as a native MP3 player, but it’s more than tolerable - especially knowing that I am not limited to 100 songs.

It’s pretty clear now that the ROKR is a still-born platform. Sadly, it’s still going to sell, because people just don’t realize that there are better, less crippled options available.

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I dont understand, if you have your ipod, itrip, and w800 on you, why would you want to play it out of the phone using the radio when you can just use the ipod, since its on you already???

It’s just a modder’s/hacker’s fantasy I guess. Maybe as it is, it won’t be very convenient to hear it from the w800, but there are times in which this kind of findings lead to others.

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