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Monday January 24, 2005 3:01 pm

eXeem Public Beta 0.20 = Goodbye Suprnova?

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Software

DescriptionFor all of you that were bummed about the shutdown of Suprnova from a few weeks back, we feel your pain. But there is hope:

eXeem™ is a brand new Peer-To-Peer program, which is based on the BitTorrent idea. eXeem™ eliminates the need for trackers as nodes in the program will be taking their role. eXeem™ also features easy publication of files to the network as well as a rating and comments system. eXeem™ contains NO SPYWARE. eXeem™ is free and is ad-supported. eXeem™ is currently still in its beta testing phase, which means that the network might not be completely stable yet. You are still very welcome to give eXeem™ a try and see how it is different from other Peer-To-Peer programs.

Give it a download, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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I don’t think I would download this guy’s, from reading the review’s, it install’s a ton of spyware, and even a backdoor :/

Read the reviews here: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/eXeem/1106339424/1

I had the privlage to be in the betatest for the past few weeks. Its an alrite program. However already theres too many leechers on it which pisses me off. One thing i dont like about it is that people are able to upload fake files which probably lead to another kazaa. ^^ relik theres only adware. not viruses or trojans.  Its help them make money

^^ funnie how i did a full system scan with TWO AV and nuthin came up. :/

“”^^ funnie how i did a full system scan with TWO AV and nuthin came up. :/ “” ... yet raspberry

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