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Wednesday March 2, 2005 10:16 am

The Couch Potato Tormentor

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Accessories, Misc. Tech

DescriptionIf you have someone in your life who is destroying your home due to being essentially stuck in front of the television, the Couch Potato Tormentor has arrived. Simply put, it is a device that interferes with the component of your choice by performing random actions on the said component. For example, it can simply turn off, mute, or change the channel on the television every so often. Or you can set it to change the audio setting on the receiver every then and again. This is all in the spirit of annoying the person who is trying to enjoy their favorite evening sitcom. Of course it’s just a gag, but I would love to set it up someone discrete and just watch the reaction it gets. However, I know when my components act up, it is no laughing matter. Full release after the jump.

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Bullhead City, AZ (PRWEB) March 2, 2005—Listening to people yak on their cell phones in public places is without doubt the most annoying example of individuals not adapting their behavior to keep pace with new technology. Next in line and more personal, occurring within our own homes, there is always one person affectionately known as a Couch Potato who takes control of the family’s TV viewing without consideration for the wishes of others. Our ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ is a safe, legal and fun way to teach family values and consideration of others.

Couch Potato’s may be husbands, wives, friends and even children of all ages. The average person now watches nearly 5 hours of TV each day. In the good old days there was time for discussing the news, accomplishments, goals and aspirations of all at the dinner table. With non-stop TV, discussion of any type is a rare occurrence.

The ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ does its work by interfering with the TV, (most commonly by changing the channel) Stereo, Satellite, Cable DVD, CD or whatever home entertainment equipment you had chosen. Think of it as a little Gremlin with a one button remote control. He randomly pushes the button interfering with the TV. He does this 24/7 until your Couch Potato is cured. This is very frustrating to those accustomed to being in absolute control and frankly is a lot of fun for the person who in one minute or so had setup and hid the tiny ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ unit.

The rural town of Bullhead City on the shore of the Colorado River and under the neon glow of Laughlin Nevada’s casinos is an unlikely birth place for the advent of a new age in consumer electronics. Company founder Marc Goldstone, a retired Principal Design Engineer for one of the nation’s leading technology company’s, developed the patent pending ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ to as he describes: “correct the inequity between those with the remote control and those without. Even though the typical Couch Potato watches nearly five-hours of TV each day, it’s amazing that within a few hours or days you can break their habit while teaching a new found appreciation for the wishes of friend’s and family. As use of the ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ becomes more widespread, our family members and then society at large will learn to become more tolerant of others. Perhaps then there will be hope for world peace”.

The ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ is a product of For Play Electronics, LLC—the worldwide leader in delivering random time interval initiated remote control devices. The company’s tag line is: “At $14.95 The ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ is the gadget everyone needs, but the TV manufacturers don’t want you to have”.

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