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Wednesday June 7, 2006 10:08 pm

The Clearaudio Statement - A $125K Turntable

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Clearaudio Statement

Audiophiles are a strange lot.  Where else can you find a group of reasonably intelligent people who will believe almost any preposterous concept, provided it relates to improving their perception of high-end audio?  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of audiophiles who are quite rational when it comes to audio equipment, but there are many others who take a flying leap from the cliff of intelligence when presented with an extravagent piece of audio gear.  The latest word in excess comes from the German company Clearaudio who have crafted a turntable they call the Statement. 

The aptly named Statement is a $125,000 conglomeration of wood, aluminum, and other sundry bits that aims to do only one thing - play records, and play them exceptionally well.  Weighing in at a massive 770-pounds, the Statement derives its rotational motivation from the same type of electric motor used to propel the Mars Rover.  So what we end up with is a turntable that is built to enormous excess, is supremely precise and stable, and plays vinyl so well that the average listener probably couldn’t distinguish it from a good quality CD player.  Then again, the average listener isn’t the intended recipient of this German engineered tribute to overkill.  No, that privileged spot would be reserved for . . . you guessed it, the audiophile.

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