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iPod videoSteve Jobs has done it again, and has come out with a product that is simply selling a ton. The new iPod is available in 30GB and 60GB models and has a wider 2.5-inch color 320x240 TFT screen. Apple is also making the new standard iPod available in what we like to call “nano Black.” Aside from the standard iPod fare, this one has the ability to play MPEG-4 and H.264 encoded video. The price point is not too shabby here either, with the 30GB model costing $299 (holding 75 hours of video) and the 60GB model hitting $399 (holding 150 hours of video.) The new iPods are thinner than the previous models, with the 30GB being 31% thinner than the 20GB iPod, and the 60GB version being 12% thinner than the 20GB iPod. To read our review of the iPod with video support, click here.

Product: Apple iPod
Price: 30 GB - $294 USD 60 GB - $369 USD


SonyEricsson W800The SonyEricsson W800 is a bargain even at $500, with an impressive feature set and far better styling than the Motorola ROKR - without tying users to specific software. With all of the major features, it’s the little features that truly impress.  Animated menus and Themes are a nice touch, as is the ability to set up recurring alarms for specific days of the week.  The phone is SyncML compatible, so it syncs up nicely with most standard software that uses the format.  There is a sound recorder, a fully-functional Voice Control, and a decent WAP 2.0 browser. Finally, it’s important to note that the battery life of the W800 is fantastic.  It’s possible to go for several days on a single charge with moderate phone and MP3 usage.  This is all coming from a battery smaller in size than a CompactFlash card, and is truly amazing.  Frequent travelers will be happy to know that you can turn off the radios in the phone and use the MP3 player alone. Check out our full review here.

CanaryWireless Digital Hotspotter

Walking around, it was way more convenient to break out the Digital Hotspotter with the one-button operation and all. No need to stop, open up the PowerBook, and search for a signal. However, we found another nice benefit. Since the Hotspotter tells you the channel of any network you are near, you can use this to your advantage in your home. If you find a neighbor is on channel 1, and another is on channel 3, you know to set yours up near 11 to reduce interference. This is one device we are recommending to anyone that uses Wi-Fi. It’s simple - but it’s that good. You can pick one up for about $60 USD, and the batteries last for about two months. Check out our full review here.

Product: CanaryWireless Digital Hotspotter
Price: $59 - Compare

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Gear Live Holiday Gift Guide 2005

It’s that time of year again, and Gear Live is here to help you make the purchase to geek out those you love. Oh, and we will have everyone on your list covered, from the spouse, to the kids, to the parents, to the person you are forced to buy a gift for because you just know they will be buying you one. We have collected some of the better items we have seen over the past year, along with a few new ones, in putting this years guide together.

Oh - one other special treat. We will be giving away many of the items featured in this year’s list. Think of it as our gift to you. It goes like this: If an item is up for grabs, we will let you know within that post. If you want it, you will be asked to make a post on

our forum in the appropriate area. You are allowed to enter for only one gift, so you must choose wisely.

Enjoy, and have a happy and safe holiday!