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Nintendo Will Release Multi-Colored Wiimotes, Not Wiis

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Wiimote ColorsFrom the “yeah right, let’s see how long this lasts” department, we bring you the shocking news that Nintendo has no plans to offer their Wii console in any color other than white. In a quote found by online blog Codename Revolution, Nintendo’s General Planning Manager recently announced that, while Nintendo plans to offer their Wiimote in a variety of candy-licious colors, the Wii itself will not be getting the same treatment:

Nintendo’s Planning General Manager Mitsuaki Hagishima was interviewed recently in the latest issue of Nintendo Dream in Japan. In summary, Hagishima revealed that Nintendo does not have any plans for a different colored Wii, however they do plan to release different Wii-mote colors.

If this were true, it would make it the first console since the SNES not to be offered in a variety of colors. All of Nintendo’s recent consoles - including the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, GBA-SP, DS, DS Lite, N-64, and Gamecube - have been offered in a variety of colors, and Nintendo has been known to use new colors as a way to re-gain interest in their systems. Still, with Nintendo’s least successful non-handheld consoles being offered in multiple colors (I’m looking at you, Gamecube and N-64), maybe Nintendo is on to something here.

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Wild Wii Weekend Rumors in Review

Wii Logo It seems the internets just can’t get enough Wii information - and with the launch a little over a month away, tasty pics and rumomrs are springing up all over the place. Just so you don’t have to go anywhere else, we’ve compiled all of this week’s major Wii stories into one meaty, juicy post.

See more after the jump, including pics of the first Wii accessories, launch date rumors, and other tidbits.

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Is This the Wii Remote Box?

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Joystiq and Kotaku are running with the story that the above image could be the final packaging for add-on Wiimotes. Given Nintendo’s recent proclivity to try to emulate all things Apple, the box makes a lot of sense (just look at how much it resembles the packaging for the new iPod nano. Still, we’re going to keep being our skeptical little selves and guess that this isn’t really the final box. For starters, Nintendo seems to be basing everything around a white motif, so having extra Wiimotes come in black boxes doesn’t really fit with their packaging design for the Wii itself. Also, as some forum posters noted over at Joystiq, this looks a lot like the boxes for the promo Wiimotes that were given out at the Wii press event in Japan.

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9 Minute Madden Wii Controls Video Hits YouTube

Unlike most of the other titles for the Wii, opinions on whether Nintendo’s innovative controller improved on the Madden franchise were somewhat divided. Some bloggers on joystiq.com absolutely hated the new control scheme and criticized the graphics of the game, while others like IGN thought that the control was “where the game shines”. While the above video may not give a final verdict on whether or not the Madden 2007 Wii control scheme is an improvement, it certainly gives a lot of tasty tidbits.

Until we start seeing Wii demo kiosks with Madden built in, this may be the closest we’ll get to playing the game. The 9 minute 10 second video recently posted on YouTube appears to be an EA representative showing off most of the features of the control scheme, and from the looks of it the title at least appears to recognize the gestures very well. Another interesting thing in this video is just how quickly the rep is able to blaze through the menu screens - thanks to using the Wiimote like a mouse, it looks like selecting and planning out plays will be a breeze.

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Red Steel To Have Motion-Matching Controls, Zero Load Time

Red SteelGood news for all those worried about the fate of the Wii’s premiere first-person shooter. Reports are coming in that Red Steel by Ubisoft will feature motion-matching controls using the Wiimote (i.e., the sword-play on-screen will match your Wiimote movements) which is exactly what most gamers were hoping. The main question remaining, of course, is how Ubisoft translates sword collisions from the screen to the gamer.

The reports come from a roundabout source… the user Mordrag on an IGN message board submitted some questions for German gaming site Nintendo LAN to ask. Nintendo LAN then supposedly asked the questions to Ubisoft, and their responses were translated back into English by Mordrag for readers of the IGN boards. Phew.

In his translation, Mordrag notes that Ubisoft also stated that there would be NO load times in Red Steel thanks to “smart streaming technology”. See after the jump for the full conversation!

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Zelda: Twilight Princess Sees Wii Control Revamping

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Zelda Twilight Princess Box ArtAfter initially worrying about how physical players would have to get while enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Nintendo has finally decided that sword-swinging motions will be incorporated into the gameplay. At E3, the B trigger button on the Wiimote was originally used for the sword, with the bow&arrow and other weapons being mapped to the D-pad. But as IGN reports:

At E3, players used the B button to swing Link’s sword, with Nintendo explaining at the time that players would likely get tired having to actually swing the controller. “Upon actually playing it, it’s more interesting this way,” said Miyamoto to Nintendo Dream about the new control scheme.

The newly-freed-up B button will now serve as the bow&arrow controls. IGN points out that this makes the use of the bow&arrow much less cumbersome, as gamers don’t have to change their grip to reach the Wiimote’s D-pad. My guess is there’s another reason for this redesign, which Nintendo hasn’t explicitly stated yet. In the E3 version of the control scheme, players were able to perform Link’s spin-attack by simply wiggling the nunchuk attachment, a setup that many players noted would make the game far too easy as one could simply repeat the spin attack quickly over and over again. If Nintendo starts moving all of the sword control to the Wiimote, though, the actions of performing complicated motions like those needed for the spin attack could help to raise the difficulty.

It should be interesting to see how much of an upper-body workout Twilight Princess eventually requires. Maybe we won’t even need that Nintendo diet software after a bout with Zelda.

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