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Sony Adds HDMI, Drops Price Of Core Playstation 3 In Japan

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Playstation 3 During Sony’s keynote at the Tokyo Game Show, it was announced that both the core and premium configurations of the Playstation 3 would now include HDMI 1.3 support. In addition, the pricing of the 20 GB core unit was set at 49,800 Yen, roughly $425 US. Sony’s reasoning for including the HDMI port in the lower cost console is that the adoption of HDMI accelerated faster than Sony expected, so they felt that component now made sense for all models. Sony’s specifications on their official Japanese Playstation 3 site have been updated to reflect the change. No announcement for any pricing adjustment was made for the US, nor was any mention as to whether the United States version of the core console would get an HDMI port.

Update: The core console will feature the HDMI port in all territories, but the US price will remain fixed at $499

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PS2 Sees Price Drop In Japan

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Playstation 2 Slim As of September 15, the price of the Playstation 2 in Japan will be dropping from 19980 Yen to 16000 Yen. The 16000 Yen price brings the console more in line with the pricing in other territories, and may be aimed at helping move more PS2 consoles in Japan ahead of the anticipated Playstation 3 release. Price drops have now been announced in both the European and Japanese territories. The price drop will happen a week before this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and may be the first in a series of announcements leading up to this convention.

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