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Super-Mario Crossover: Mega-Man Your Mario

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Super Mario CrossoverEver wondered what it would be like to play the classic Super-Mario Brothers NES game using another character?  Well newsgrounds.com creator ExplodingRabbit has released a flash version of the classic Super Mario Bros. title, Super Mario Crossover, that allows you to use with Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Samus from Metroid, Mega Man, and Bill from Contra.  All characters maintain their special weapons and characteristics and the game even introduces a few new character features when they interact with the Mario Brothers game environment.  Bill gains a ‘rapid-fire’ ability when he eats a mushroom, Samus can plant bombs when she is in her ball form and even the music changes for each character.  This flash game offers the perfect distraction for your 2pm post-lunch food-coma, and may make you wonder why you ever ditched your original NES in the first place.

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Xbox Live Arcade 7/25: Re-Remember How Bad You Are At Contra

Super Contra XBLA

As we reported yesterday, Xbox Live Arcade has given us two games again this week: Super Contra and Wing Commander Arena. Unfortunately, it’s the arcade port of Super Contra, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s, well, Super Contra. Definitely worth the 400 Microsoft Points if you’re a fan. If you’re a newbie to Contra and try out the game only to see you’re awful at the game, don’t worry – most people are.

Wing Commander Arena is a bit of a mixed bag. Because unlike Super Contra, which is the old game you remember, this is not Wing Commander. But, it does feature 16-player Xbox Live multiplayer, which is a first in an Arcade game. At 800 Microsoft Points it might be a bit of a stretch, but if you’re looking for a fun multiplayer 2D shooter, Arena just about fits the bill.

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Japan Gets Crazy Wii Virtual Console Launch Lineup

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Wii Logo Oh Nintendo… why is it that you’re so well-loved over in Japan, but constantly the runner-up here. Could it be because gamers here are into more “mature” content? Could it be that you’re a native company in Japan? Or is just because you save all of your best, most awesomest stuff for Japan only. First there were the Japan-only Game and Watch collection, the Japan-only DS game cases, then the Japan-only “Bit Generations” games and the (now formerly) Japan-only Pink and Black DS Lites. And now? You guessed it, an incredibly awesome list of Virtual Console games for the Wii that is (for the time being at least) Japan-only.

Click the jump for the complete list of VC games that you WON’T be playing on launch day. (Although methinks Nintendo will be bringing a lot of these state-side shortly).

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