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Nintendo Revolution Controller So finally, after Nintendo has been keeping everything related to the Revolution locked up in the basement with the Power Glove, some information has been passed on to the public.  Nintendo has released information regarding their new remote

controller, which just happens to be quite different than any game controller we’ve seen yet.  As you can see the Nintendo Revolution controller looks just like a remote control. Crazy talk, or a stroke of genius? The controller has a built in feature that tracks its movement which is then translated into game play.  One example given is that you could swing the controller like a sword, taking part in a virtual sword fight with your screen. The controller consists of the usual D-Pad, a giant and convenient A button, a B trigger buttion, and smaller a and b buttons on the bottom. Looking at the image, if you turn the controller 90 degrees counter-clockwise, you end up with something close to the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller - perfect for those downloadable retro games.

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Nintendo Revolution Controller

The world can finally be at peace: Satoru Iwata is said to be unveiling the Nintendo Revolution controller on September 16th at the Tokyo Game Show. Much speculation has occurred as to the exact means of controlling the upcoming Nintendo Revolution- we have even written a number of articles on the matter. The current prevailing theories center around gyroscopic control and feedback, but nobody will know for sure until Nintendo’s Iwata speaks.

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Nintendo Revolution Controller?

Computer Games Magazine is claiming to know the secret behind the Nintendo Revolution controller, that being gyroscopes. They have announced that the controller will feature off balance spinning widgets inside to give resistance to turning the controller. If Nintendo can get this right and vary the resistance dynamically it could be huge - imagine being in a driving game and when your wheel hits a curb the controller (and your car in sync) twists to the side. The question really is going to come down to wether or not Nintendo can make a motorized system like this work wirelessly without requiring you to recharge the batteries every hour. Just as rumble packs were huge when they hit back in the day this could be a big step forward in console gaming control.

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Nintendo Wi-Fi Survey

Nintendo is looking to gather data on the types of internet connections people use by asking MyNintendo account members to download a small program that compiles network information off of the users PC and sends it back to Nintendo.  In return, the small download becomes an Animal Crossing desktop clock once the information has been sent.  The program retrieves and sends the following information:

  • Your Modem and Router manufacturer and type
  • The type of internet connection you have (DSL or Cable)
  • How your PC connects to your router (if applicable)
  • The model number of your router
  • Time you start the connection
  • Your IP Address
  • Cookie information
  • Total connecting time
  • UPnP Information (Model name)
  • UPnP Information (Model number)
  • Connection origin code
  • Destination server host name
  • Destination server global IP Address
  • Sending data CRC

If you’re a big Nintendo fan, this might be right up your alley, as the information will help Nintendo plan a good Wi-Fi service.  However, as is the case with anything that gathers information and sends it to companies, download at your own risk.

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Xbox 360, PS3, Revolution According to a recent poll of 1500 X-bit readers, the PS3 and Xbox 360 hold nearly equal interest in the minds of potential next-generation console owners, pulling in 23% and 20% of the votes, respectively.  Sadly, Nintendo’s Revolution only received 5% of the vote.  However, far more interesting news is that 46% of those who responded to the poll have no interest in acquiring any of the new systems.  This should come as a huge confirmation for those worried that the upcoming console wars are starting far too early.

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Nintendo Revolution Press Conference

Nintendo has announced plans for a Revolution-based press conference on August 17th.  The 1-hour conference will take place on the opening day of Germany’s Leipzig Games Convention and will begin at 10:30 AM (Germany time).  Since the conference is called “Expand the Definition of Gaming,” let’s all hope they expand the definition to include more information on their now-infamous secret Revolution controller.

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Nintendo Revolution Hoax

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Revolution Mockup

DescriptionHere are some interesting pictures that have emerged on a forum from someone who claims to have a prototype of the Nintendo’s next-gen system.  Sorry, no scary kid in the picture playing it. The blurred out controller seems that it would be a dead giveaway to the fact that this is a fake. However, if that isn’t enough proof, you will also note that the disc slot is on the wrong side, and that the box does not have that SD Card shape.

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Miyamoto Controller DesignShigero Miyamoto gave an interview today to GameSpy and talked about making controllers for Nintendo’s both in the past, and what ideals should be observed in the future. He commented that he wants a controller to be something fun - something that you want to interact with - not something complex that needs to be learned.Miyamoto wants each button of a controller to be different, feel different, look different - he feels that this helps audiences young and old be comfortable anddifferentiate between the wide array of buttons present on modern game controllers. He seemed surprised that Sony and Microsoft had not taken strides in this direction - Microsoft has colored their buttons, but has failed to change their shape even with the release of theXbox 360. Near the end of the interview Miyamoto expressed his two goals for the revolution controller design: “What we really want to do is create something that’s not frightening to the user that is usable for a Zelda-type game. We’re going to have to figure out a way to marry both those ideas.”

Obviously with rumors of a QWERTY controller for the Xbox 360 Microsoft has taken a very different approach to designing a controller. Everything from electro-shocking cylinders to hepatic feedback touch screens have been proposed for the Revolution design by people in Nintendo’s fan base. What do ourPlayfeed readers think the Revolution controller is going to look like? How will you interact with it? How will it interact with you?

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Nintendo Revolution Retro

This last week I was inspired to break my 8-bit NES gear out of cryogenic hibernation and play some classic old school games without any emulation or ports to modern hardware. Call me a freak, but no matter how advanced game system gets I will never get totally bored with the NES era games. I think a lot of them hold up pretty good over the years, and most of the Java based cellphone games are not technically more advanced than what we played in our NES decks back in the 80s.

Nintendo has been making lots of money recently off repackaging older NES games on the Gameboy Advance or a special edition disk of Zelda games for Gamecube.

Nintendo announced at E3 that their next game console the Revolution will be able to play downloaded classic games for the NES, Super NES and N-64 from half a gig of flash memory or a SD memory card through emulation in a virtual console. That is not to shabby since it will also play Gamecube disks and new Nintendo Revolution games and DVDs. They also might include the ability to play Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games through the virtual console but that has not been confirmed but it is entirely technically feasible.

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Next Gen ConsolesWith the next generation of gaming consoles still in production, many gamers have been voicing their opinions as to what they are looking for when it comes to features in a new video game system. David Wong and Haimoimoi are such gamers voicing their opinions. They make 20 requests from the video game industry ranging from a better A.I. to telling us the truth when it comes to in game footage. Makes for an interesting read, however, what do you want to see changed or added to the next generation in gaming?

(Thanks Kidd!)

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