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Atari Joystick Belt BuckleYou really have to hand it to the designers over at NESBuckle - they have just released a new version of the awesome NES belt buckle, and now they are bringing us an Atari counterpart. Although the Atari belt is a bit too phallic for my taste, it really does have some old school geek appeal. This fashion accessory is perfect for that geeky old school gamer in your life.

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Duck Doom

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Duck DoomAh, the good old days of the original NES and Duck Hunt. I remember how much I hated to hear the ducks make fun of me whenever they got away, resulting in me holding the light gun right in front of the television – come on, you know you did it too. Now Duck Hunt has been combined with a long time FPS favorite Doom. This means you can shoot those birds out of the sky using some of the most violent guns they have ever seen – who’s laughing now ducks?!

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MarioMyfanwy Ashmore, a conceptual artist, has unveiled a ROM version of the original Super Mario Brothers for NES with almost everything removed - including enemies, structures, and power-ups.  Basically what this means is that, as Ashmore describes it, “all you can do is go for a walk.”  This idea of a “walk” might be so foreign to the average gamer that the download site even includes directions on the ultra-limited controls, presumably to make it clear that nothing else is possible.

Perhaps it’s the pure manic nature of such outrageous reductionism, but the idea of this game seems very intriguing.  As a parody of the current trend toward open-ended environments in videogame design, it really is pure genius.  Make sure to notice the mention of Ashmore’s previous piece on the download site, a controversial project involving two-way communication between a viewer and a network of decaying grapefruits.

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Nintendo Revolution Retro

This last week I was inspired to break my 8-bit NES gear out of cryogenic hibernation and play some classic old school games without any emulation or ports to modern hardware. Call me a freak, but no matter how advanced game system gets I will never get totally bored with the NES era games. I think a lot of them hold up pretty good over the years, and most of the Java based cellphone games are not technically more advanced than what we played in our NES decks back in the 80s.

Nintendo has been making lots of money recently off repackaging older NES games on the Gameboy Advance or a special edition disk of Zelda games for Gamecube.

Nintendo announced at E3 that their next game console the Revolution will be able to play downloaded classic games for the NES, Super NES and N-64 from half a gig of flash memory or a SD memory card through emulation in a virtual console. That is not to shabby since it will also play Gamecube disks and new Nintendo Revolution games and DVDs. They also might include the ability to play Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games through the virtual console but that has not been confirmed but it is entirely technically feasible.

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DescriptionBen Heck is certainly a creative and talented hardware hacker. He has managed to take an assortment of older video gaming systems including the NES, SNES, and Atari and rework them into portable units featuring batteries, speakers, and LCD screens. He is now ready to share his genius with the world and has written a book on how to build your own portable gaming systems. A perfect gift for the Final Fantasy 3 fan in your life who wants a quick fix on the road.

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PacmanOne of the most popular features of Apple’s latest OS release, Tiger, is Dashboard. Basically it runs JavaScript on a separate and dedicated desktop, and it turns out you can even run games on it. What better game to experience this than one of the greatest games ever to hit the arcades? Someone has actually created a Pac-Man dashboard widget.  Unfortunately, Namco has told the creator to stop the production and distribution of the file, but we have your hook up courtesy of MacUpdate.com. Get it while you can as this download link might not stay alive much longer.

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As I sit here typing a draft of this editorial on a crowded NYC subway, I can recall a simpler time when fighting for controllers was never an issue.  This was a time when you’d be satisfied with “Wait until I get game over.” There was no such thing as LAN parties, no 4-port systems and no online capabilities.  This was a time when we would count how many bits our system(s) was and how many our next one would be. 

In spite, there are still some similarities now that still exist.  We still love to play together with as many friends as possible and we still make a night out of it.  We still think about the future systems and how they will impact our life (and salivate at pictures in magazines and websites).  One thing is for certain, we love any type of co-op just as much as we like competition. Enter Gunstar Heroes – one of the most addictive co-op games to date.  Venture with us to 1993, when Gunstar Heroes drove a couple of high school kids went crazy over fictitious guns and humorous surroundings.

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PSP Homebrew Philip “pt” Torrone gave a demo of how to hack the PSP, including the ones with the latest firmware on it, at Gnomedex. When when PSP came out, first version was 1.0 in Japan. People were interested in creating their own games. Sony then upgraded the firmware, and you wouldn’t be able to play homebrew games on the memory stick. Until a week and a half ago, your only option for running these apps was having a 1.0 firmware PSP. We are getting close to seeing UMDs dumped to Memory Stick.

You use an application called PSP Swap Tool. It tells you to put an app on one Memory Stick, and the other file on another. You insert the Memory Stick, and you can choose from a myriad of installed emulators. He scrolls through and finds a game he wants to play. He hits X to start it up, and then switches cards during the loading screen. The chess game starts up to a round of applause. He does it again, and this time starts the Commodore 64 OS on the PSP. You can check the tutorials at MakeZine.

Pac-Man 25One of the most popular video games in the world turns 25 this month.  Pac-Man, along with ghostly rivals Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, is celebrating a quarter century on the pop culture map by offering a special edition 25th anniversary arcade machine. You can also expect to find Pac-Mania 3D, Pac-Man World 3, Pac-Pix and Pac-Man Pinball in stores.  The games are of course being released by Namco which sold nearly 300,000 units of the original arcade game between 1980-1987.

It all began in Japan, when Toru Iwatani, a young designer at Namco, caught inspiration from a pizza that was missing a slice. Puck-Man, as it was originally called, was born. Because of obvious similarities to a certain four-letter profanity, “Puck” became “Pac” when it debuted in the U.S. in 1980.

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Playfeed is known for giving you the latest and greatest of gaming news.  Today we launch Time Warp, looking back in time to bring you a game that you may have missed, or love to reminisce about.  This week our game is NiGHTS; a unique game that has its fans screaming “sequel.”  So come on in and venture with us and Sonic Team back to 1996, where the Sega Saturn (a long forgotten system) preceded an incoming onslaught of N64 and Playstation.

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