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Madden 2007EA Sports has just announced that they have selected Shaun Alexander of the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks to be on the cover of Madden 2007. Responding to the selection, Alexander was reported as saying “To be on the cover of Madden NFL 07 is a big milestone in my career since I have always been a huge fan of this franchise…EA SPORTS is focusing on the running game in this year’s version, so I was honored when I was chosen to be on the cover to represent the improved running game.” Alexander was selected as NFL MVP, and holds the single-season rushing touchdown record (28). Seahawks fans are praying that Alexander manages to avoid the Madden Curse.

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KameoA combination review/retrospective of Kameo has been published on Siliconera; the review generally falls in line with the web consensus, getting an overall recommendation. Perhaps more interesting is the evolution of the game itself. Kameo was originally slated for the Nintendo Gamecube, and first made its appearance at E3 2001. A little over four years later, the game finally shipped for the Xbox 360. In between, the game underwent some fairly significant changes. Character designs were altered somewhat, and gameplay and combat styles received somewhat more dramatic modifications.

The review doesn’t discuss the repetitive nature of the game, but it feels like some of the character and combat changes were made to alleviate this. The different characters and control styles don’t always work out (see the water boss battle) but they did serve to break up the game into manageable chunks. It now feels like the segments spent as Kameo are the most repetitive and least interesting segments of the game,  and its possible that Rare’s attempts to shake up the combat and character design were attempts to mitigate this.

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Monkey Ball Adventure

4 Color Rebellion has scored some exclusive screenshots from the upcoming Super Monkey Ball Adventure. This game will be a departure from the previous games in the series, leaving behind the strict level structure and moving to more of a platform adventure design. Hopefully Traveller’s Tales can keep true to the feel of the older games in the series. Monkey Ball Adventure will be appearing on PSP, PS2, and Gamecube this summer.

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Nintendo recently launched the preview site for their upcoming Strategy/Pinball/Microphone game Odama. The site currently features a short trailer highlighting gameplay and some of the unique features in the game, as well as some downloadable wallpapers. The gameplay looks very…unique, and features some of the wry humor that Yoot Saito is known for.

Both Gamespot and IGN have previews of the game from last November, hopefully we’ll see some updates before the game hits retail on April 10.

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Super Monkey Ball Adventure

This should come as good news to many - the next version of Super Monkey Ball will be making it’s way to Gamecube, PS2, and PSP in about three months time. The new title, named Super Monkey Ball Adventure, happens to be the first narrative-driven Super Monkey Ball game, providing a true adventure game. Of course, the classic puzzle game is back, as are the popular party games. SEGA is promising With 5 new worlds, a host of new Monkey Ball characters, new Ball abilities, brand new party games, and PSP-exclusive content.

As for the adventure mode, here are the details: On Jungle Island, our hero, Aiai, meets Princess Deedee of Monkitropolis and Prince Abeabe of Kongri-la, star-crossed lovers whose marriage is hampered by a feud that exists between their respective kingdoms. The Monkey Ball world could be torn apart unless Aiai can reconcile the feuding Monkey Kingdoms by traveling to all five Monkey realms, helping people and defeating the evil Naysayers in an effort to spread joy and remove prejudice and fear.

We look forward to seeing what SEGA has in store for us come June 2006. For now, you can check out six more images after the jump.

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Next Generation recently posted an article with software and hardware sales numbers - and the DS is kicking ass on the software side of things. DS English Training though…? On the hardware side of things, it looks like the PSP is at the top - while the Xbox 360 and Xbox are suffering.

Here are the lists:


DS English Training (Nintendo, DS): 72,290 (424,214)
Train Your Brain 2 (Nintendo, DS): 70,407 (1,213,603)
Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo, DS): 57,335 (1,850,063)
Siren 2 (SCE, PS2): 49,780
Otona no DS Training (Nintendo, DS): 32,082 (1,520,843)
Machigae Museum (Namco, DS): 21,132
Tourist Trophy (SCE, PS2): 20,433 (80,087)
Monster Hunter Portable (Capcom, PSP): 20,126 (4,67,180)
Shin Onimusha (Capcom, PS2): 19,916 (295,721)
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo, DS): 18,304 (1,098,472)


PSP: 24,977 (310,253)
PS2: 23,383 (217,840)
DS: 10223 (351,802)
GBA: 5405 (52,337)
GBMicro: 2934 (32,588)
GC: 2025 (30,577)
Xbox360: 1288 (22,657)
GBA: 150 (1478)
Xbox: 84 (671)

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Description The Wall Street Journal has put together a great article featured in this weekend’s paper. The article’s subtitle is as follows:

Videogames are reshaping the entertainment business. But the moguls who make them are still largely unknowns. Our look at how the game is played.

The article looks at everyone from “The Game Gurus” like Shigeru Miyamoto to “Hardware Heavies” like Ken Kutaragi to “Entertainers” like Peter Jackson to “Team Players” like Tony Hawk. I’d highly recommend checking out the article - you have to been a subscriber to see it online. Otherwise, run out and grab a copy of this weekend’s paper starting tomorrow. Oh, you may learn about news issues outside of the video game world as well!

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Lego Star Wars IIIGN has put up a great preview, with screens, of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars II title that will feature the original three Star Wars episodes.

The first one was a blast so the sequel is definitely something to look forward to. Unfortunately, the game won’t be coming out for the 360 or PS3, but we’ll manage. And besides, if the game did hit the next-gen consoles, it’d probably take longer to develop and would retail for a higher price than what the game will go for otherwise.

LEGO Star Wars II will feature two-player co-op on the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PSP and PC, with four-player co-op for the DS version. It’s due out later this year.

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Mario Party 7 ReviewSo, Mario and his gang have come together once more with a planned activity (this time, taking a cruise) with the end result turning out to be the madhouse that is Mario Party. This is the seventh iteration of the popular party game series - the fourth one for the Gamecube. We took Mario Party 7 for a spin, and we report back with our full review after the jump.

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Revolution Controller Revolution Advanced has put together an extremely comprehensive feature on the history - or rather evolution - of video game controllers. The article spans from the Atari 2600 controller all the way to the Nintendo Revolution remote control. It’s almost hard to believe how far controllers have come since the industry’s inception - but then again, technology has really advanced over the years. On second though, the controller featured at the bottom of the list, the Revolution controller, is arguably one of the simplest controllers ever made. Thoughts?

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