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Wednesday November 1, 2006 1:33 am

Xbox Team Details Xbox 360 WMV Support

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Xbox 360,

Windows Media PlayerOne of the new features added to the Xbox 360 in the recent Fall Update is the ability to playback WMV video from a variety of sources, including PCs running Windows Media Connect, Windows Media Player 11, the Zune client, optical disc, and USB storage. Now, the Xbox development team has detailed exactly which codecs and video formats are supported.

Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker can be used to create movie files, and the Xbox Team recommends that any videos created be at least 360 pixels high so scaling is minimized. Anamorphic content is unsupported, so videos should be re-encoded in a square-pixel format. According to the Xbox team, the following codecs are supported:

Windows Media Video 7WMV1
Windows Media Video 8WMV2
Windows Media Video 9WMV3
Windows Media Video 9 Advanced ProfileWVC1

The Xbox team also listed a number of common WMV formats that are currently unsupported, including the Windows Media Screen and Windows Media 9 Image (Photostory) formats.

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