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Thursday June 15, 2006 9:00 pm

Xbox Pioneer Ted Hase Leaves Microsoft

Xbox logoTed Hase, the last of the original team of four that pitched the concept of the Xbox, has left Microsoft after sixteen years. Originally, Hase, Otto Berkes, Seamus Blackley, and Kevin Bachus were the group that spearheaded the drive towards the Xbox. Blackley left in 2002, and last known reports have him working as an agent at the Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood. Kevin Bachus was CEO of Infinium Labs for a while, trying to lend them some credibility, and has since moved on. Berkes currently works on the Origami project for Microsoft. Ted Hase left the Xbox project early on in its inception, as the box shifted from a Windows-based machine to a dedicated games console, and has since worked on projects that would ultimately become the Windows Media Center operating system.

All four of the team members were instrumental in getting buy-off on the original Xbox project, and the fact that the original was such a success and that their replacements on the team have been able to get the Xbox 360 out the door so quickly is a testament to the level of trust that was built up in the platform. Hase will certainly have a number of opportunities waiting for him as he leaves Microsoft; he might be a good match for Apple, as they try to drive towards media center-like features in their hardware.

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