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Monday April 10, 2006 4:44 am

Xbox 360 SATA Adapter Review

Xbox 360 SATA

MaxConsole has a review of the pre-release Xbox 360 SATA adapter from 360 SATA. The short version of the review is that the device does exactly what it says it will do: allow users to connect their Xbox 360 hard drives to their personal computers without having to crack the case, allowing users to back up their save games or other information on the hard drive. MaxConsole received a pre-release unit, so it’s still the bare circuit board, and they are hoping the final version is a little more polished. The bare board definitely doesn’t do anything to inspire the most confidence in the world, but the target audience for this device probably won’t mind a whole lot.

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Gallery: Xbox 360 SATA Adapter Review

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